My youngest child just had a birthday.

Since we were traveling over his birthday he didn’t get a party (we’re not big on parties anyhow), but he did get some Legos, clothes, other toys and a new bike!

He double dipped because the bike wasn’t going to be delivered on time.
(it did get delivered…)

Please don’t consider the 13th month as double dipping.

Here’s what Moazam asked:

My VA will be turning 1 year old working with me next week.

I wanted to ask you a few things. What is typically expected around this landmark from a VA perspective?

Salary negotiations? Bonus? Evaluation? What are your experiences?

Also my VA kind of suggested if I could get him a tablet or something. He will be getting 13th month bonus should that suffice and he can then purchase what he likes? Also I remember seeing a post from you a while back where you had mentioned some website where you could buy some electronics and send to the VA’s address or something?

Here’s my perspective.

1. Nothing is expected.
2. The 13th month bonus is a part of their lives.  It’s expected and needed by them to take care of their family needs at Christmas time.
3. If you want to do something nice for them, pay the 13th month AND do the nice thing.  Don’t count the 13th month as the nice thing.

If you haven’t done a raise yet, the year mark is a good time to do it. January is too.

If it were me, I wouldn’t buy a tablet unless it’s going to help them with their work.  I might contribute to a laptop (if that’s going to help them with their work).  Or, if you just want to do something nice, yes, do it.

Two sites where you can buy things are and