Every once in a while something happens that changes your perspective.

It gives you insight into something unexpected and it changes your behavior moving forward.

Covid was that way for me.

12 days of sick after years of not being sick.

I missed the mountains.  My skis. My bike. 
I gained some empathy for people who are sick.

Tuesdays email about the best way to pay was another one of those perspective changes.

I got a bunch of emails of people wanting more.

Here are 8 payment tips.

1. Never pre-pay. If someone new asks you to pre-pay, it’s likely a scam. 
Always pay after the pay period. After someone has worked for me for 6 months or so, I’ll be more lenient with this.

2. I pay monthly or bi-monthly. When you get started, you should probably pay weekly for the first 2 months. Filipinos are really scared of doing a bunch of work and not getting paid.  At first, they don’t trust you.  Paying weekly is a good way to gain their trust.  After a couple months, it’s ok to go to bi-weekly or monthly payments.

3. I pay a fixed salary.  Every person on my team knows exactly how much they’re going to get paid every month.  It’s a lot easier to budget and plan when you know. 

4. Hourly pay is almost always equated with part-time work. If they’re working hourly for you, they’re probably looking for salaried work somewhere else. 

5. I don’t pay based off of tracked time. It’s a bad idea.

6. I don’t track people’s time. I expect them to do good work.  If they’re not, I can almost always tell.  Usually an exploratory email about low work performance lets me solve any problems that arise.

7. I pay the 13th month at the end of the year.

8. I pay with EasyPay


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