When I was engaged to my future wife (we’ve now been married for 20 years!) both she and her father made it clear that they wanted someone with a good stable job with good “benefits”. Someone who would go to work every day, work hard, and bring home a stable paycheck.

Yeah…that’s not me. 

When I told my wife (about 3 years into marriage…we were still quite poor) I wanted to quit my job, she supported me, but she said “You have 6 months!  If it’s not working in 6 months, you have to go get a job!”

Being an employee just didn’t work for me. 
The incentive structure. The stable paycheck. Leaving my little kids at home all day and feeling like I was missing them grow up.

But…this isn’t the case for a lot of people. A lot of people really like the stability of a job and a paycheck.

Including most Filipinos. 

In fact, most people in the Philippines will work better with a stable job.

Scott Marlow says to give your VAs the security of a good paycheck and adequate rest and they will perform at their best and be happier employees.

I agree.

Paying per hour where their hours go up and down is a rough way for them to live.
Constantly working per project, where you constantly have to find new work is also a rough way to live.

Most Filipinos prefer a stable, long-term job. 

Scott has some really good advice for hiring and managing Filipino workers. His company, Themeco, has a really great product.

We do case studies to give you a different perspective.  Something other than just mine.  There are hundreds of thousands of people successfully working with OFS. If you’re not, I hope you’re next.