Addie’s been sick for the past week which is tough. She’s been coughing a lot and has a lot of mucous and it causes her to stop breathing. She turns purple because she hasn’t breathed for so long probably once a day. It’s pretty scary.

However, on a positive note, she’s really changing. She now responds to noises. If you call her name (not that she knows her name) she’ll turn her head and look at you. She fixates on stuff and just stares. The other day on a walk she was laying down in the stroller and the entire time she was straining her head back and looking upwards to try to see me pushing the stroller behind her. It was pretty cool.

She stopped pooping as much and doesn’t poop nearly as often as she used to when you take her diaper off. In fact, I don’t think she’s pooped when we took her diaper off in about 2 weeks.