This is unbelievable. If you’ve had your adsense account banned, it looks like there might be a glimmer of hope for you…but you have to be persistent.

In the past 2 weeks I know of 2 adsense accounts that have been re-instated. However, I had to appeal for both of those people. One of them got re-instated almost immediatly after I sent the third appeal. The other one took more than 2 weeks. Although, the second one getting re-instated may be due to the fact that he sent his appeal to them almost every day for the month and a half that his account was disabled.

For those of you who need to appeal, here’s a successful appeal letter (although it may have been one of the other 30 he sent that did it).

From: “Bill *****” < *****>
Subject: Ad Problems
Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2006 21:58:10 -0000

Why don’t you answer your email??? I have sent the following to you all
several times and still have NOT received a reply. What’s up?

Dear Adsense,

I am appealing the disabling of my account.

My name – Bill *****

My company – no company…private blogger

My publisher ID…. Google Adsense Publisher Id:

My website URL…

My website’s audience… other writingup bloggers, my friends, my family
and my students.

My website’s content…I write my own website content; short stories,
social commentary, famous quotes, blogging information…

Primary source of web traffic…Search engines, technocrati, word of
mouth, email to friends, family and students.

The number of people involved with the administration of the site…one

Relevant information…I assure you I am a genuine blogger, interested in
posting my thoughts. I have NEVER asked for encouraged clicks, or click
I enjoy monitoring the number of page impressions on my adsense
account…to get a sense of how often my pages are viewed.
And I have watched it STEADILY grow over the past three weeks.
I haven’t a clue why there would be any inappropriate activity associated
with my site. I heartily welcome a visit from you and encourage you to
visit my site and review comments and postings and if there is anything or
anyone who has done anything wrong, I will gladly take action with you.
Perhaps another user does NOT like my postings and they over clicked the
ads. Perhaps an overzealous student thought to click away. But I did NOT
encourage nor would ever encourage such an activity. I want to know what
kind of appeal my writing has, NOT how much money I can make. Please read
my posting…It’s Not About the Money

It alone tells you where I stand on the issue…and it has generated 264
reads. By all means, Take a Look!

But as for me, I have no idea, nor do I know who would do such a thing.

Please reconsider the cancellation of my adsense account.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you very much.

Bill *****, PhD

Now, it may have been his persistence that got his account re-instated.

Or maybe…his persistance just happened to cause his appeal to end up on the screen of the right person. Someone who actually believed his story…

From: Bill ***** < *****>
Date: Jan 26, 2006 6:46 PM
Subject: Fw: [#44300758] Ad Problems
To: John Jonas

Believe it or not, I just now noticed that I have two ticket numbers with Google adsense, the one in the subject line,

and this one…

Fw: [#43128524] Google Adsense Appeal

One was rejected and this one was accepted.

Do you remember you advised me to try from different angles? Well, I found several email addresses and sent them in and perhaps generated several ticket numbers.

I even sent another appeal today…that I cc’d you on. I dunno the workings…but I do know they reinstated me.

Methinks that at some point there were too many clicks for the number of hits on my pages, but through persistence it has now leveled off…I dunno.

Anyway, I have my adsense back ….for now…lol.

Bill *****, PhD

Maybe google isn’t as objective as they’d like you to think they are!

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