For any of you who don’t know about, you really should check it out.

Here’s the hot deals forum, the one you want. You can basically find anything electronics there for super cheap.

ie. Today I happened to be one of the first people to see a thread about a 19″ flat panel monitor for $145. Because I was one of the first to happen upon it, I was able to call all over the country and order 7 of them before they went out of stock.

Oh yeah, that’s right, there’s the fatwallet effect. When something gets posted onto fatwallet you had better jump on it because that thing will be out of stock (OOS) before you know it. Thousands of people will go buy tons of them and re-sell them on ebay or wherever.

I’ll keep 4 and sell the other 3 (I’m gonna have a sweet setup…lol).