Kim left yesterday morning for California. She’s gone for 4 days, Thursday morning (she left at 4am) until Sunday night (she gets back at 10pm). Since we’ve been married she has only done this to me one other time. This time however is different. This time she left Austin with me.

Say good-bye to working.

Actually, not that I’m totally dependant on Kim or anything :), but Austin and I are having a good time and we’re still living. (I know, it’s only been 1 day).

It’s sooooooo good to be able to spend this time with Austin. Yesterday we just played all day long. We played basketball (surprise surprise, considering that’s all he EVER wants to do), read books, played legos, cars, blocks, went for a walk, closed on a house, ran around, played outside…It was great.

He’s such a fun boy, and so well behaved too.