All Saints’ and All Souls’ Days (November 1 and 2) are considered holidays in the Philippines.

They’re not regular holidays, but special non-working holidays. It’s when most Filipinos remember their dead relatives by visiting them in cemeteries, similar to how Mexicans celebrate the Day of the Dead.

Since they’re special holidays,  schools, government offices, and banks are closed. Most businesses will be open on their regular schedule or later in the day to allow their employees to visit the cemetery.

Filipinos often take their leave around this time because of tradition. The problem this year is that November 1 and 2 fall on a Wednesday and Thursday. Add that to the fact that October 30 (barangay and SK elections) was declared a holiday; some of your OFS might consider asking to take the whole week off.

Talk to your OFS about this. If you need them around that time, but they still want to take a leave, ask whether they can work from their hometown.

You can anticipate these holidays in the future with our holiday calendar, updated for 2024.

As for me…I really dislike Halloween but I really like the way the Philippines and Mexico celebrate. They remember their ancestors rather than just begging for candy.  This year I put up an “ofrenda”. I learned this from Disney’s Coco.  It’s my first attempt at this…go easy on me.


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