This morning I read Alma 46 (I think), the chapter in the Book of Mormon where Amalekiah comes to power with the Lamanites. I’ve been studying the war chapters recently because of their similarity to real life right now. The parallels in this chapter were striking.

Now, I’m not saying that John Kerry is an evil man…I don’t know enough about him. But Amalekiah I believe was the most wicked man in the Book of Mormon. He is as close to the devil as it gets in my opinion. So here goes:

Amalekiah starts off wanting power so he gathers a bunch of upper class peoeple to back him. When the people won’t have it, he goes to the Lamanites. There, he starts his lying. He stirs the king (the media in our day) up to anger with the Nephites so he wants to go to war. The people don’t want it (because they don’t see a need and are afraid to die, just like our day) so they flee. Amalekiah then gets the king to give him command of the army (as Kerry did for part of the democratic party, before dethroning Lieberman or whoever it was that was going to run for president). He goes on a missoin where he’s supposed to compel the dissenters to fight against the Nephites. Well, instead of compeling them to fight, he allows them to capture his army, on the condition that he’s the second man in power. He then lies to the person who was in power and poisons him by degrees. He slowly poisons the commander so that he can have control of the army. Exactly like what Kerry and the media have done to the Democratic party and to this country. They have slowly lied and poisoned the truth so that the people now look to him as the leader.

He then goes back to the king and has one of his servants kill the king and blame it on the king’s servant. This is what Kerry is doing to Bush. He’s slowly killing him by blaminig all kinds of stuff on him that isn’t his fault. The bad times in the war in Iraq aren’t Bush’s fault, they’re Kerry’s!!! If the media wasn’t portraying such bad stuff in Iraq, the insurgents wouldn’t think theye’re winning and wouldn’t be putting up such a huge fight. The wouldn’t see their success in the american people thinking that everything’s so horrible. All of this is because the media in this country chooses to show the defeats, and chooses not to show the victories we win with the people in Iraq. How many people have we helped, given food, clothing, shelter? We’ll nevere know, because the media won’t cover it. If they did, it would make Kerry look bad…and they can’t have that.

Finally, Amalekiah even lies to the king’s wife and takes her to be his own wife. Is Kerry on this track??? I don’t think so, but the parallels here are very interesting.