Sometimes you just need some inspiration.

For those of you with clients, here’s how Monica H. had her OFS design their client onboarding process.  It’s inspiring.

Monicas words in an email to me:
Hey John,

I always enjoy your emails – and getting the perspective from your OFSs. 🙂

It’s taken several tries over the years but I finally have 2 awesome OFSs in place (plus a full-time employee here in the US). They take care of a wide range of things for my digital marketing agency.

Once they were comfortable with their work, I asked the 3 of them to develop the onboarding process for our new clients. They had access to all of the process docs and resources we currently use, and they know what it looks like after a client has been onboarded. But beyond that, they had free rein to figure out how the overall process should look, how to document that, and how to communicate it to clients. As part of the process, they could interview me to get answers to any questions they had.

They had many, many discussions about how to accomplish the project, what the outcome should look like, who would do what, what was missing, what needed to be created, etc.

I made sure they had the resources they needed and then got out of their way.

Guess what? They blew me away!!

They gave me a formal presentation to show what they’d done, what they recommended and why, and the resources they’d developed to support the onboarding process. They came up with things I would never have thought of (and I’ve been doing this for a LONG time!).

They now feel ownership for the process and are experts in how to bring a new client onboard. And they’re already working on developing the next part of our process!

It just goes to show how valuable an OFS can be when you trust them to do great work.

I’m now looking for my next OFS hire 🙂

Thanks for the great service you provide,

Speaking of inspiration, here’s my daughters new bike, inspired by Trek’s paint jobs on their olympic bikes.


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