Boy, this is getting tiresome.

I got another email from someone I know today telling me that google has shut down their adsense account. That’s about the 6th one in the last month.

So why all of a sudden is click fraud such a major concern of google’s?

Why wasn’t it a major concern a year and a half ago?

Is it because they were profiting from it for so long, but now the threat of something bad happening to them because of it is so great that the risk finally outweighs the reward?

It turns out that none of the accounts that were banned were actual cases of click fraud. I knew 5 of the 6 people. Now, I guess it’s totally possible that they all really were clicking on their ads, even though they told me they weren’t, but somehow I doubt it.

Plus, if they were clicking, they sure as heck weren’t doing it with an automated script. These were all non-techie people. If they were committing click fraud, it was on a very, very small scale, I promise. So why is google going so heavily after the little guys right now, and not concentrating on the large click fraud perpetrators?

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