I am a religious man. I believe in God, and in his son Jesus Christ, and in the Holy Ghost.

I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Every 6 months, the general authorities of the church, along with as many member are able, gather to hear each other speak. These are amazing men and amazing leaders for the church.

Here are some of the thoughts I had during the 2 day conference:

  • Read less, study more. Do less reading of chapters of the scriptures and do more studying and pondering of the scriptures. Spend more time on a few vereses. Read, ponder, read again.

  • 5 steps to financial freedom:
    1. Pay Tithing
    2. Spened less than you earn – Don’t use credit to buy stuff, it’s a mistake.
    3. Learn to save – Remember Joseph of Egypt. Don’t spend on what you think will happen. The preperations you make today may one day be the same as were the stores of Joseph to his family.
    4. Honor your financial responsibilities – Honor your debts, provide for your family.
    5. Teach your children to follow your example – Teach them financial principles. Teach them they can not thave something simply because they merely want it.

    Heavenly father expects we do more with our riches than build a bigger barn to hold them.
    Spend your days in pursuit of eternal things, not of things that corrupt and rust away.

  • Now is a day of communication. We have soooo much communication now: email, internet, tv, radio, newspaper, phone. However, the most important communication comes from God. Put Gods communication before worldly communication.

    Fine tune your ablity to communicate with God, to hear the spirit.

  • Satan right now is targeting husbands and fathers. Use the scriptures to combat satan.

    A father’s job is:

    1. To be a leader in the home. This requires you live a family centered life. Preside at meals, prayers, FHE, blessings. Preside with your wife.
    2. To teach truth. Plan your own life around God to provide an example to others.
    3. Provide temporally to the family
    4. Lead the family back to God.

  • Faith is more than an acknowledgement that God exists. It is a complete trust in him even if what happens is bad or opposite of what you would hope/expect that he do.
  • The safest place against the moral diseases of the world is a good stable home.
  • The task at hand, a business engagement pales in comparison to the worth of a little soul