I’m no stranger to medical issues.
When I turned 30 the pain in my stomach started. It took me 10 years and lots of doctors to figure out I have a dairy allergy.
When I turned 40 I realized my brain wasn’t working right.  It took me a few years to figure it out and get back to fully functional.

I can imagine it’s even harder if you have a chronic disease like diabetes.

It makes long commutes difficult.

Even before the pandemic hit, Ellaine’s diabetes made working a challenge.

But when the pandemic hit, she lost her business. She thought she was going to lose everything.

We often think of people on the other side of the world as being so different from us. Watch this to see just how similar Ellaine is.


Ellaine is healthier and happier. And remember I mentioned in another newsletter that my OFS’s kid started working? Ellaine’s daughters and her sister are now Online Filipino Specialists too!

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