Every year in February/March we get a warm spell.

My wife always tells me “How about you put your pants away and pull out your shorts?

Because I know better.  It’s going to get cold again.

Every year during that warm week all the people with Jeeps take the tops off their cars, only to complain a week later “Can you believe it’s cold again!”

Yes, it’s going to get cold again.

After skiing today we went into a restaurant.  

“You skied today?!?!”

Yes, there’s still lots of snow in the mountains. 

And yes, it’s going to get cold again.

Every year it repeats itself.  

It’s kind-of like the repetitive question I get from people:

“Are there actually talented people in the Philippines?”

Yes, there are talented people.

“I mean, like, can I really find someone good?”

Yes, there are really talented people.

“I don’t think the talent is actually legit, is it?”

Yes, there are legit talented people.

If you haven’t hired someone yet because you’re worried you’re not going to find someone talented, consider this. 

You’ve probably seen a video I created
I filmed it and uploaded it.

Someone in the Philippines
– edited it
– uploaded it
– transcribed it
– created sub-titles for it
– posted it on youtube
– wrote the description for it
– wrote the blog post for it
– wrote the social media post for it
– posted it on social media
– created a PPC ad for it
– set up and ran a PPC campaign for it
– added it to our list of videos to promote
– added links to it from other blog posts of ours

The list goes on and on. 
The detail gets deeper. 
The talent gets better.

Yes, there are really, actually, legit talented people in the Philippines.

Hire one of them.  An Online Filipino Specialist.


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