One of my favorite adventures is canyoneering.

The land becomes different when you’re forced to touch it and roll around with it and push against it and use it to move your body.
It’s hard to explain until you’ve done it.  
But those of you who have done it know what I’m talking about.

Last week I had a friend borrow some of my canyoneering gear.  We started talking about some techniques we use and he showed me a different way of rigging a rappel that gives you more options.  I really liked his method.

Just like how talking with Shepard H. gave me a new idea for how to keep a new OFS busy, while also gaining their trust.

Shepard said right after he hired his OFS, they collaborated on a doc where they made a huge list of things she could do for him (he listed tasks that he wanted her to do, she listed all of her skills, some he didn’t know about…)

Then he had his OFS go through the  list (he said it was pretty extensive) and categorize everything into three columns: things she would be excited to do for him, things she felt fine about doing/was willing to learn, and things she really didn’t want to do or disliked. 

He’s conscientious to assign her things in the first two columns, focusing on the things she loves to do. If he needs something done that she hates doing, he tries to find other ways to get it done.

I thought that was a great idea to establish trust/rapport at the beginning of a relationship. It would help you get to know your OFS better and understand what they can do for you.

I also thought I should do it with a bunch of people on my team right now. People who have been with me for years. 


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