At this point class action lawsuits are getting ridiculous. These lawyers are unethical, dishonest and are hurting real people to get gain for themselves.

The newest class action suit is a suit against major search engines for click fraud. We knew it would happen at some point, it was just a matter of time. The problem is that this is going to hurt everyone except for the lawyers.

It’s going to hurt publishers like me because Google is going to tighten their controls over who can put their ads and where they can put them.

It’s going to hurt search engines obviously because of the costs of the suit.

It’s going to hurt advertisers because search engines are going to make it more difficult for people to advertise. They’re going to create more restrictions on who can advertise so they can try to weed out people who are likely to be victims of click fraud and who are likely to cause click fraud.

It’s also going to hurt search engines because they’re going to have to spend lots of money trying to algorithmically eliminate click fraud. I’d guess they’ll also have to up their human efforts to eliminate it too.