Having Austin is the best thing in the world. My favorite thing is carrying him to his bed at night when he has fallen asleep on our bed. Almost every night, Kim puts him to sleep on our bed and then I have to carry him to bed before we go to sleep. It’s the best being able to hold him while he’s asleep and soooo cute.

My parents have been here this past week looking for a house. Since my dad got laid off from his job in january, he hasn’t really been able to find another job (he hasn’t looked really hard) and they are seriously considering moving here to utah. They could sell their house in Virginia for quite a bit and have enough to move here and be able to invest some money into something where they could make enough money to live off. This all depends of course, on whether he gets a job out there or not, which at this point it looks like he’s going to get one. Just on friday he talked to a head hunter about a job he had intervied for and the dude said the company is going to make him an offer. We’ll see what happens tomorrow probably.