Before we can talk about how to balance flexibility and accountability with your Online Filipino Specialist, I think we need to ask “why” first.

Isn’t accountability the only thing that matters?

Accountability and flexibility are just as important if you want an OFS who’s reliable, delivers good work, AND wants to work for you.

If they want to work for you, they’re more likely to be loyal. They’re more likely to work only for you and no one else.

I know most business owners are all about accountability.

That’s why there are time trackers.
That’s why there are project management tools.
That’s why there are daily reports.

Some bosses can’t help but micromanage their teams because accountability is more important.

But what about flexibility? Why is it important to your OFS? Why should you care?

Most Filipino workers don’t really get flexibility with Philippine businesses. Philippine corporate structure is very structured and vertical. (This is why job titles are a big deal because it implies power and authority.) In some places, their offices are so rigid and structured that even their bathroom breaks are timed and measured.

So when given the chance to work from home, it’s like winning the lottery. They don’t have to commute or spend on work clothes or food outside. They can be comfortable and safe at home even when working on a schedule. They don’t have to deal with multiple management levels. They can focus on just pleasing one boss, you.

Also, when you give your OFS some flexibility, it shows that you trust them. You trust them to do their jobs and do their jobs well. It’s good for their morale, and it inspires loyalty.

It doesn’t cost much to show a bit of flexibility. In our case, we let most of our OFS work the day shift. We don’t fire people for making mistakes. We ask for feedback and encourage our team to contribute to making our business a great workplace.

In exchange, our OFS show accountability by sending daily reports. They assign tasks to themselves. They give suggestions on how to improve our business. They don’t disappear when things get hard. They’re loyal and motivated.

How do you balance flexibility and accountability with your OFS?
Or, are there specific things you do to be flexible?

Let me know!


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