On our ride yesterday my two teenage daughters kicked my butt.

(as they start to pull away from me)

2 hours of amazing riding with 30 minutes of butt kicking mixed in as I tried to keep up with them during their 10 minute hard intervals.  

I can’t, they’re just too fast.

If we were riding on dirt trails it might be slightly different just because I’m a better technical rider than they are.  I practice my skills.  

But we weren’t on dirt trails because it was raining!  We rode up American Fork canyon instead.  It’s a beautiful ride…just not as beautiful if your heart rate is through the roof and your legs are screaming at you to stop and you’re still falling behind.  

In business I sometimes feel like this too. 

I just can’t keep up with social media.  Fortunately I have people on my team who do.

I’m not very good at programming anymore.  But I have programmers who are good.

I’m terrible with design…but designers aren’t that hard to find in the Philippines. 

Doing customer support or data entry I feel like I’m drowning. Amazing OFS take care of these things for me. 

At least in business I can manage other people doing the work…unlike on my bike.

You can manage people doing the work in your business too.  My book The Outsourcing Lever will help you be a better manager.


Aaaaand…they’re gone