We have this messed up culture here in the US where we’re proud of the fact that we work all the time.

We celebrate people who work 60-80 hour work weeks. We brag about the fact that we rarely take vacations and have very little sleep.

It’s like we equate our value with how much work we do. The more we work, the more valuable we are to life.


For me, my time is the most important resource there is. It’s the most valuable thing. I’d rather have more time than money. I can always make more money. I can’t make more time.

This is why I say no to a lot of things. There are better things to do with my time. Things like skiing, biking, spending time with my friends and family, taking care of myself, working on my spiritual life, etc,

I know work is important. But not all work has the same level of importance.

I focus on work that’s really important for my business, like
– creating content or
– fixing problems or
– coming up with new ideas or
– managing my OFS team

But for work that’s not super important, I’d rather delegate that to an OFS. Stuff like:

customer support
website design
– social media marketing
– programming
– bookkeeping
– video editing
– etc, etc, etc

An OFS who can do it faster and better. An OFS who wants to do it and wants the work.

An OFS works from home, so they can also spend their valuable time on important things, like family, friends, hobbies, church, etc.

There’s nothing wrong with being busy. But if you find yourself too busy to do anything else, it’s time to make a change.

Make that change today. Go to Onlinejobs.ph and hire an OFS. It will change your life.

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