I got back from the big seminar yesterday. It was really good.

I took my camera but then kept leaving it in the car on accident. I really did mean to take a picture.

I met tons of people there, all of whom I’m going to not mention, for fear that I’ll leave someone out and then they’ll read this and be offended. Although…I guess that if someone is offended just because I didn’t mention them…blah blah blah.

Some really cool things that came out of the Big Seminar was that we came up with a final idea of what Dan and I are going to do with DSG. This is probably the thing I’m most excited about. I have people who have used it ask me about the “pro” version almost every day. I just tell them that it’s not available, mostly because I don’t want to deal with someone else using it and having to support them. It’s just too difficult. In a brainstorming session with some people there, we finally decided to keep the “pro” version of DSG totally in house, and just keep it to ourselves. It’s too valuable for us to let it out. We’re also going to hire a programmer full time to develop on it. If you know a php programmer, an experienced programmer who we’re going to pay VERY well, let me (or them) know.