Firefox has really been acting up recently and I wasn’t sure why, but I had an idea. provides some really good stats analysis for free for websites. I think they’re just about the best free stats you can get. The problem is that it’s 100% ad supported and the ads that get served on it don’t get handled very well by firefox. In fact, there has been one ad for about the past 2 weeks that just brings my computer to a complete halt for between 10-20 seconds. It’s sooooo frustrating.

I thought the firefox problem was solely caused by these ads because when I close the browser with the ads on them the problem stops. Because of this, I wanted to block them somehow so I went to the firefox extensions website thinking I could find something to block them with.

Turns out that the 2nd most popular extension is this one:

Mozilla Firefox Adblock

It’s sooooo cool. When there is an ad that it can block it gives you a tiny tab below the ad that you can click on and the ad disappears and doesn’t come back.

You’ve gotta try it.