Everyone says VAs can’t meet with clients.

“They’ll mess things up.”

“Clients won’t like it.”

“Clients will see the insides of your business, and they won’t want to work with you.”

None of this is true.

Ruben sent me this video recently and talked about the misconception that VAs can only do back-end work…they can’t meet with clients.


Your clients know the difference between you and your employees. They know that your VA is working for your business. If you train and manage your Filipino VAs well, your clients might even like interacting with your VA more than they like interacting with you! They might learn that the person in the Philippines gets things done!

Filipinos value their jobs. They know that making a client happy is how they can keep their job. If you give them the tools they need to do the job well, isn’t that a win-win for everyone?

Don’t believe me (or Ruben)? Check out these case studies I did with Ethan Kap and Jill Sessa.

So how do you get an OFS who can meet with clients?

You provide them training.

When you provide training to an OFS, they recognize you care about them.
They become more loyal to you.
They recognize the potential for growth in their current job.
They really want to do a good job for you.

Training an OFS makes them a rockstar.

Next week I’m going to make years of trainings available to you for your OFS.
Trainings that are done for you.
Trainings that will make your OFS more productive. Guaranteed.


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