This week I needed to make some changes in my business for a number of reasons: 

  1. We need better content editing. 
  2. The OFS doing my social media is getting burned out with social media. 
  3. I need help writing this newsletter. 

So I turned to one of my most trusted OFS, Julia, to help me define the roles that we need. Actually, I turned to her because she’s involved in all these things. And she has helped me come up with some ideas.

So here’s what happened.

She said promoting from within would be a good idea, for the social media role . We already have someone working on social media. We can promote them and give them more responsibility. That takes some responsibility off of her (Julia).
She (Julia) really prefers to write and edit. So she can not do social media. She can help write the newsletter and help edit the content.

So, before I go changing people’s responsibilities, I thought it would be good to define some roles. 

Content manager:

  • Writing newsletters
  • Writing blog posts
  • Updating old blog posts
  • Editing social media
  • Plans and creates a schedule for releasing the blog posts

Social media manager:

  • Planning social media posts in advanced
  • Posting and scheduling posts
  • Creates social media engagement guidelines
  • Monitors the analytics

Content creators

  • Writes the captions for social media
  • Writes the updates for old blog posts
  • Makes the videos and images
  • Responds to comments and DMs on social media

Content Editor

  • Edits the newsletters and blog posts
  • Gives feedback to the content creators

I don’t think it’s necessary for you to define roles for your OFS.  I didn’t for a long time and it has worked out just fine. Don’t stress about this.

Have you defined any roles for your OFS? What role titles do you have?


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