I don’t know if you see it when you browse the internet, but because of the industry I’m in, I visit sites all the time that have links on them that say something to the effect of “Top 10 placement in Google…Guaranteed”.

I’m sure these companies that are guaranteeing a top 10 placement in google are charging an arm and a leg for that top 10, and I’m also sure they’ll get you that top 10 placement for one obscure search term that you don’t really care about. Worthless.

This is where it gets funny to me. I don’t track my search engine placement for any keyword for any of my websites right now. I don’t care if I’m in the top 10 for mesothelioma or for anything for that matter. Why??? because 50% OF INTERNET SEARCHES ARE UNIQUE!!! That means that for every person searching for mortgage, or low cost loan, or refinance, there is another person seraching for ‘low cost mortgage provo utah low credit’ or for ‘fha refinance 6.0% iowa house’. Sooo, I let the 95% of people doing SEO who don’t know about the 50% rule do their optimization for their single keyword (mortgage, or refi, or whatever it is). In the mean time, I’ll compete with the other 5% of people for the rest of the 50% of internet searches that aren’t for that keyword.

That’s why I built the content generation software, DSG. I get traffic for the most random searches, “the other 50%”.

In the end…I win.