I quit my job yesterday. Well…I didn’t quit, but I gave them 2 weeks notice yesterday. I actually think I’m leaving next friday, the 23rd. It’s good.

The reason I was able to quit is because I got an offer from Paul Allen and Phil Windley to build a site for them. They wanted neal and I to do it but neal can’t so it’s just me doing it. It’s a political site and they’ve agreed to pay me for 2 months work for 30 hours/week and pay me a set amount. It’s exciting for a few reasons:

1. I get to work from home, which I’m excited about.
2. I get to work on my own, doing what I want. Yeah, I know I still have to do what they say, but I do it when I want and how I want.
3. I have more time to work on other stuff.
4. This will be an exciting project to work on as they expect it to be very big.

We’ll see what happens.