You never know when you’re having an affect on someone more than you can see.

Yesterday I got a letter (yes, a snail-mail letter) from a 17 yr old boy who is using to hire OFS. 
He has struggled with depression. Something I wrote caused him to change his path.
Thanks Milo.

It wasn’t something I intended. 

As you work with OFS, you’ll likely affect their kids. And probably their kids’ kids.

From Julia

One of the best pieces of advice John gave me was to start teaching my kid practical skills that she can use for online work. Doesn’t matter what career she pursues. These skills will be useful anywhere. And once people know you have them, they’ll come to you.

Well, I followed John’s advice. I taught her everything I knew and gave her resources to learn more. Now, my daughter regularly complains about how she’s always the one assigned to do technical stuff for her online classes. Because she knows this stuff. Because she has a VA mom.

A video project needs editing? The kid with the VA mom can do it.

Nobody knows how to use Photoshop? The kid with the VA mom can do it.

Transcribe and clean up an audio recording? The kid with the VA mom can do it.

She was doing all this on my old crappy computer. And she’s doing it faster and better than I could ever do it.

Eventually, that computer gave up. So in the meantime she’s using my laptop while we’re in the process of fixing up our back up PC. 

She’s not old enough to work yet. But knowing that she has these skills reassures me as a parent. I know she’ll always have these skills to fall back on. Even now it’s opening a lot of doors for her and she’s still in school. I can just imagine what it would be like in the future when she is old enough to start working.

So if you want to get amazing VAs in the future, encourage your current VAs who have kids to start training them while they’re young. 

Offer free advice to your OFS.
Buy them a book that has affected you.
Help their kids.