What a good Christmas season it’s been. We had a small christmas for ourselves, but were able to help a couple of other families out. That was good.

Austin had so much fun. He loves to open presents so Kim wrapped all of his gifts individually (like the 3pack of bath soaps she bought and opened and wrapped each one, or the crayons and notebook she wrapped seperately). He loved to open them up and then play with them. He was so excited to get his presents that he didn’t even want to open the next present after he had opened one, he just wanted to play with it.

He’s yapping up a storm right now too. He’s not saying full sentences yet, but he puts 3, 4, 5 words together to tell you what he wants to say. He says a LOT of words funny like eemit (open), buush (close), oooshz (orange). It’s a lot of fun.

Austin opening presents
A very excited boy with his "deen soap"
Kim with her present from me and Austin