A few weeks ago, I talked about how EJ helped his OFS get a new PC.

If your OFS is thinking of buying a computer (or you’re thinking of buying a computer for your OFS), we just updated our computer buying guide: https://blog.onlinejobs.ph/pc-buying-guide-for-virtual-assistants

We started this guide around 2019. My OFS team pitched me the idea of writing this because November and December are usually the best months to buy a computer in the Philippines. They can get good rates on old inventory that stores want to get rid of, and stores offer big discounts and promotions because they know this is when the 13th-month pay starts coming in.

To make sure that they get the right computer for the job and they get the best deal, send your Filipino team this guide.

You might be tempted to buy your OFS a computer in the US, thinking it’s cheaper to buy one and just send it through courier. But we’d advise you against doing that for the following reasons:

– Private couriers are expensive and might cost more than the computer itself.
– Philippine postal is very slow (think several months of waiting with a barely functional parcel tracking system).
– Risk of damage or loss during shipment.
– Expensive customs fees for incoming parcels (even those marked as gifts).
– Warranty may not be honored.
– Theft…My team has told me “NO! Don’t send it through the postal service, it will get stolen!”

You can also use this guide as a reference if you’d like to know what kind of equipment your OFS should have to do their job.