We treat Sundays different than any other day of the week.
For us, it’s a day of rest.  A day of worship. A day where we do different things than we do most days of the week.
This Sunday we played a bunch of games together, had a Sunday School lesson, and had family dinner together.

Sunday is my day to water the plants in our house. As I went to water the plants, I also looked at the kitchen mess. 
I had this internal debate 

I need to water the plants…
but I should clean the kitchen…
but it’s the day to water the plants…
but the kitchen needs to be cleaned…

In the end, I realized that this is no different than the way your business works.

Watering the plants is an unseen task that’s not urgent.
“The plants can go one more day if I forget to do it today”
It’s the kind of task that gets pushed to the back seat because of the more visible, in your face tasks.

Like cleaning the kitchen. 

The kitchen is going to get cleaned regardless. The dishes are going to get done. It’s visible.  It’s “urgent”.  It’s not important.

So often we put the unimportant “urgent” tasks in front of the critical tasks that are needed to push business forward.  

Every time I do it I get upset with myself.

What’s the nagging task in your business that would push you forward if you just made time for it?  

Create a sales process (today that’s mine)?
Create training so you can hand a process off to a VA?
Post the job so you can hire a VA?
Make the dreaded phone call?

Marcin says 
“When you create business processes with the intention of delegating most of the tasks, you don’t have to worry about your business falling apart when you need to take a step back.”

Todays the day to step back and work on that nagging task.


PS. I watered the plants.