After I sent out my newsletter about an OFS running out of things to do, I got this email from EJ:

…we never run out of work. We have hundreds of clients but not enough OFS’s. LOL. As budget become available, I hire more OFS’s. I currently have 17, but we honestly need about 30. We have a huge backlog of work. When we finally get all the backlog work caught up, things will loosen up a great deal as the tasks become monthly tasks rather than all at once. When that happens, I have other business models I want to initiate, and that will not only give them more work, but I will also be able to give them raises.

EJ pretty much proves my point. Once you have an OFS who does the work for you, you get more time, you do more high-value work which gets you more clients. More clients mean more money and more work. It’s a cycle that can keep going as long as you run your business well.

He also shared something about how he interacts with his OFS team.

He has created a fun place to work. They only interact online but it’s something they all look forward to. He made his OFS look forward to working with him.

No wonder his team is growing.

Completely off topic, here’s something funny. I typically meet with my team around 8am or 9am to go over things and give them updates just before the shift ends at 10 a.m. my time. A few months back, my OFS organized a company retreat that I donated to. (This was something they initiated and planned. Blew me away.) Anyway, during the weekend long events they did some kareoke. Turns out a few of them were actually pretty good singers. It got back to me, and after one Friday meeting, I asked one of them to sing for us. Of course you know how shy they are, so I said, “If you sing for us, I will give everyone off on Monday. A 3-day weekend!” So she asked if she could turn off her camera to which I said of course. So she turned off her camera, and she sang beautifully. It was awesome! So I stuck to my word and gave everyone the following Monday off. The funniest thing happened. It’s not turned into an every week thing. One of them steps up and wants to sing. Even three of them got together and sang as a group. They are actually practicing on their time off. They have me laughing so hard. So now, so far they have been off every Monday since the first time. LOLOL. Some great singing, and some not so great, but its a blast every time. My team is so awesome. 

Funny coincidence, my OFS team in the Visayas just got together to meet up for dinner. They sent me pictures which I shared in a newsletter last week.

What do you do to create a great online work culture? Let me know!


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