Atiba has been successful with OFS. Really successful.
He sent me a video talking about it. We chopped it up into smaller segments so we could focus on specific things.

When discussing company culture, most people think about ping-pong tables in open-layout offices.

But company culture is actually about values. Your values. As a business owner, what values do you want to see embodied by your employees and the people you work with?

If you’ve built your company’s reputation on reliability and creativity, you’d want your employees to show the same values when dealing with your clients.

Knowing your workers embody these values means you don’t have to worry about whether your OFS should meet with clients because you know they will be loyal to you and give your clients the same quality of service as though you’re actually doing the work.

Company culture is what people talk about when they say they love working for a particular company. They feel at home. They’re treated well. Their teammates value the same things. You can be the highest-paying company in the world, but if your employees hate working for you and what you stand for, they will leave.

Hiring the right people is the only way to build and maintain that company culture. That’s one of the things I teach at If you don’t find the right people they won’t last.

Atiba is creating great company culture: