Since I went a while without writing I thought I’d catch up.

Life is good. Austin is 2 and is soooo much fun. Kim is pregnant again and is almost 5 months along (I think). We find out tomorrow what we’re having and we’re very excited about it. This pregnancy is going really well. She was sick for the first 4 months and threw up almost every day (that’s good, she wasn’t sick at all during the miscarriage pregnancy). Now she’s feeling better.

Austin is sooo much fun. He’s talking like crazy and he loves it. He loves to just come in and tell stories and to play hide and seek and to fun circles around our house with me. I’ll start writing more stuff that he does and says more often.

Work is going well for me. I’m still doing work for but this time it’s just for equity in the company. I have a few other people working with me on it and I’m directing development. It’s fun.
I’m also still working for ClientSkills. They treat me really well and I enjoy working for them and with them. They’re good guys and I like being in charge of everything technical for them.
I’ve also finally succeeded in making money online. I have 2 sites right now that are making me money and hope to have a few more before the end of the year. We’ll see how that goes.

Church is going well too. I’m still the financial clerk and Kim is still in the YW presidency. We both like our callings even though they’re both a struggle at times.