On thursday morning my dad called and said “hey, I’m flying in tonight. I have business that has to be taken care of tomorrow”. What a surprise! I guess he wasn’t supposed to come here until next week or something but the business he had to be here for couldn’t wait so he flew in thursday night and stayed until saturday morning. We had so much fun with him.

We went up thursday night and met him at his hotel. He played with Austin sooo much, it was so fun to watch. They were good buds.

On friday, we went to lunch and then just went around town together. He insisted on buying Austin a wagon which was soooooo nice of him. He and I put it together which was fun for me and we just played all night.

Man, what a good visit. It was sooooo good to see him. We don’t get to see him that often but when we do it’s such a good time.

Thanks dad!