One of the most important things I see in starting an internet business is designing your business around your lifestyle.

Maybe not around the lifestyle you currently have, but around the lifestyle you want to have.

If you design your business around your lifestyle, it makes making decisions in your business much easier (“should I do this? Does it fit my lifestyle? No! Ok, decision made.”)

I did a 50 minute interview with Sterling and Jay from Internet Business Mastery specifically about lifestyle design.

They have the #1 podcast on iTunes for the keywords “Internet Business” and “Internet Marketing”. If you ask me, that right there tells you that they know what they’re doing.

On the call they touched on:

  • Getting a podcast to the top of iTunes
  • Using your business as a vehicle for accomplishing your goals
  • How to avoid creating a 2nd job for yourself
  • Why MONEY can’t be your ultimate goal
  • Why outsourcing has to be part of your business
  • Why your job is wholesaling your time
  • Turning your life’s passion into a business
  • Building rabid buyers who come back time and time again
  • Creating Systems in your business so you don’t have to work IN your business

Listen to (or Download) the call here:

To get started designing your lifestyle, get Jay and Sterlings 3 Pillars Mini-Course FREE Audio.

Once you understand outsourcing redefined, all of this becomes very, very possible.