Yesterday I talked about how training is so important for your OFS.

– It shows you care about them
– It shows you care about their success
– It shows you care about your own business success
– It sets expectations
– It sets the stage for future work deliverables
– It creates rock star OFS

If you don’t want to create training for your OFS, or you don’t know how to create the training, we’ve done it for you.

Done-For-You Standard Operating Procedures Training Library

We spent months on every one of these.
We spent thousands of dollars on every one of these.
There are currently 29 different training courses you’ll get to hand off to your OFS (Please don’t hand off all 29 at once…give them one at a time)

Here’s how it works.
1. You buy the training library
2. You decide which training is best for your OFS right now.
3. You download the training and hand it off to your OFS.
4. Your OFS learns you care about them and their success.
5. Your OFS learns. They get trained. They begin to implement the process in your business.
6. You guide the process with them.
7. Tasks get done

This is training that comes straight from you to your OFS.
It’s training we created, but when you hand it off to your OFS it doesn’t come from us. It comes from you. That builds your OFS trust in you.

We tried to make this as easy as possible.

If you don’t need this right now (maybe because you haven’t hired someone yet, or because you just now created a full training library yourself), no pressure.

This isn’t going away. There’s no pressure to buy.  No false scarcity.

I want you to buy and use my training if it makes sense for you.
If it saves you time.
If it makes your OFS more productive.
If it will improve your business.

If none of that is the case right now, at least you know it’s there in the future when it does make sense for you.

I’m just trying to make the process of growing and scaling your business easier, whether that happens right now or in the future.

Giving your OFS any of these trainings WILL make them more productive. I guarantee it.


PS. In May I’m taking my family (wife and 5 kids) cycle around Europe. I’ve been buying this gear over the years in preparation for something like this. Now it’s happening! Sometimes, when you prepare, good things happen.