We remodeled our kitchen 3 years ago and it turned out amazing.  We love it!

This story is specifically about the cabinets. 

Installing the cabinets and finish work went super smoothly because the cabinet company had a guy who’s job was to install, but also to make customers happy. 
He spent time at our house doing tiny things we wanted done. He made sure things were perfect.  He came back over and over again. 

We made him smoothies while he worked. When he was done done done with the work, I gave him $100 as a tip.  He started crying because it was the first “tip” he had ever gotten.

Well…we’ve lived in the kitchen for 3 years now and the cabinets aren’t perfect anymore so I texted this guy and asked if he’s still around and if he could come over and adjust some things for me.

And…he’s still around.  Working for the same company. Doing amazing things.

Today he came over and made a plan with me to get our cabinets back to perfect. 

I learned 2 lessons:

1. When you treat people well they stick around. Someone being at the same job, in the construction industry, 3 years later???  That’s not normal. I know the owner of the company. He treats his people well and promises this guy he’ll always have a job.

2. When you treat people well, they want to do work for you.  
The smoothies. The conversations. The $100 tip. I treated him like he was a person. When I texted him, he came back. 

In the Philippines, this is especially true.

If you treat your OFS well (starting when you recruit them) they’ll want to do work for you.  They’ll stick around. They’ll do great work.

But you have to treat them well. 
– give feedback
– give training
– pay them on time
– have realistic expectations
– ask them how they’re doing

I had an employer complain to me today saying that “the people” on OnlineJobs.ph are crappy because he had 3 different people ghost him.  But “the people” on Upwork are “better” he said.  

(hint…they’re the same people on both sites. Upwork just charges you more when you pay them)

I told him it’s because the Upwork system allows you to treat people like crap and they can’t do anything because they’re dependent on getting a review from you.  

So, if you’re a crappy employer, go to Upwork and hire someone.  Their system allows for it.  

But if you’re a good person. Kind. Treats people like people. Understand that people make mistakes. Willing to help your OFS do a great job at their job…then go hire someone at OnlineJobs.ph.  Your cost will be 20-50% less, and the Filipino will make more overall.  It’s a win-win.


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