Merry Christmas.

I’m going to keep this short.

Right now I find very little expectation in my business. There’s little demand from customers and workers.

I find I have a bunch of “couch time”, which I don’t get a lot of during the year.

I find this down time to be the perfect time to write up a job post for hiring a new OFS.

To me, posting a job is one of the most effective uses of time. It’s growing your business, doing important but not urgent work. It gives me a head start for the new year.

I find once a job is posted, the ball is rolling and I can’t stop it until I hire someone to push my business forward.

And it’s easy, not thinking about the internal workings of my business, time.

I’ll post a job this week because it’s an amazing feeling in an otherwise unproductive week.  If I don’t get a great response, I’ll post it again in early January.


PS. I said this last week.  Don’t try to hire someone before the new year.  You can post the job and start interviewing, but expect very little response between Dec 30 and Jan 2. Again, I know this hurts my business to tell you not to hire, but it’s better for you.