My first Fathers Day! Not that I’m one for personal holidays, or for holidays at all for that matter (except for christmas and thanksgiving), but it was about as cool as I could hope for. We just spent good time together and that’s about it. It’s so cool having Austin in our lives. Why knew that a surprise baby could be such a joy. Now I feel so bad for all the people who don’t want to have babies or who are waiting for years to have them. There’s no biggger joy.

On another note: Jay and Joanne got a boat a few months ago for free from someone (they just had to take it off the person’s lot) and have offered to go partners with us on the boat if I’ll fix it up. The boat’s a mess and needs a whole new interior but I can do the work and then we’ll have a boat for free. It’l turn out to be a pretty nice boat too.

I also got our sprinklers to work in our front and back yards. For the past few weeks they just haven’t been working well and I finally figured out that it’s because there’s not enough pressure going into the line so the sprinklers aren’t popping up. Yesterday, and today, I figured out what was going on with them and fixed them. It was pretty simple, I just had to turn off a couple of heads, but now it’s working really well.