I remember the first time I saw the culture of loyalty in the Philippines.

I had this amazing programmer working for me.
I’d put his talent up against anyone.

He sent me an email:


This is a hard email to write.

I got offered my dream job.  I’ll be going to Singapore working for a company making $2500/month!

I need to take this job. It has been my dream to work overseas.

But don’t worry sir.  I’m not quitting. I’ll continue to work for you part time at the rate you are paying me.


I was shocked.

I was paying him $500/month (this was 2006).
He was going to make 5x that much yet he was still willing to work for me?


The second time I really realized it was when I friended one of my OFS on Facebook.  I did it just so I could get to know them better.

Within a few days I started noticing public comments offering them jobs.

Jobs making quite a bit more.

She never skipped a beat.  Her work just continued, great as always.

When I unfriended her and told her why, she just said

“Oh yeah, I got lots of job offers. I’m not leaving you.”

The third time I wasn’t surprised.
The fourth time it was normal.

The first person I ever hired in the Philippines (in 2005) still works for me today!

And people from 2007



Filipinos are loyal.

It’s one of the great qualities that makes them such good employees.

Especially if you’re running a small business.
They’re not going to jump ship when they get a better offer.

Of course…all of this is conditioned on you treating them well.

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