It was bound to happen. It’s bound to happen again too. Heres the article snippet:

If you’re among the nine in 10 people using Microsoft Corp.’s (Nasdaq:MSFT – news) Internet Explorer, you may be a candidate to join the increasing number of users turning to alternative Web browsers that experts say are less prone to security flaws and offer newer features.

Firefox, a free Web browser developed by a far-flung group of software programers, has been chipping away at Internet Explorer’s dominant position since its debut last year.

Microsoft has been so concerned with money for so long that they’ve just forgotten to innovate and do the things people want. They haven’t had to. Nobody could compete with them. Well…it’s happening with the firefox browser and it’s sort of happening with linux and mac, and it’s going to continue with everything. Microsoft just doesn’t care about people, they only care about money. Love is the killer app. It’s what’s going to win out in the end. Open source is love.

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