Since I work from home, I often have opportunities to help people that most people don’t get. About a week ago I helped someone move into their new apartment because he was a single dad and needed to move in during the middle of the day. Interesting experience, good guy.

Today I got a call from my sister-in-law who is in town from Evans, Colorado. She was on the freeway coming to our house when the left rear tire blew up. She said she didn’t even realize anything had happened other than she heard a really loud sound. She thought her son had dropped something for a few seconds, but quickly realized the car just wasn’t the same so she pulled off the freeway. Luckily the tire blew right after the second to last offramp before our house. I got on the freeway, went one exit, turned around, and quickly found her. I got to change the tire on the car which I had never done before (not a difficult job by any means).

Glad to be of service.