Brett sent me this email in response to the previous email about having regular meetings with your OFS.

Hey John!

I meet with my VA every 6 to 8 weeks. These meetings are not particularly productive, but that is not the point. Systems and quick communication will always be more productive than conversations which easily side tracked.

Meeting via video regularly makes my VA feel appreciated and like she’s part of a team. We don’t even always talk about work and projects though usually at least ask how the workload has been and if there’s anything I can do to make it easier or more efficient.

Meeting via video also builds influence with your employees. It seems like for the most part Filipino VAs do what they’re told because that is their job, but the quality of work always goes way up in my opinion when in addition to it being their job, you have spent the time to develop the influence and relationship with the people that makes them want to contribute at the highest level.

We have the opportunity as business owners to you have employees, but we also have the opportunity as business owners to build the types of working relationships that cause both the employees and the leaders to grow. In my opinion it’s the best investment of your time and resource to focus on leading well and growing people because in the long game this will always benefit everybody involved.

Video might not be the only way but it’s one of the ways that I’ve been intentional about growth and building rapport and influence

This is a great way to build rapport and make your OFS feel like they’re part of the team.

Regular meetings don’t mean you have to meet with them every day or every week. Once a month can be enough as long as you’re intentional about it.

You don’t have to always talk about work. Small talk is how you get to know your OFS and make them part of your team.

It doesn’t even have to be a video meeting at all. I always send my team videos through Basecamp.

I like what he said about influencing your OFS so they’d always want to do their jobs at the highest level. This is good. I’m probably going to try this with my team.

Do you guys have anything you want to add to Brett’s tips? Or is there another topic you want me to talk about? Just reply or send me a message through Facebook or Instagram. My OFS will forward them to me.

Want to really improve the relationship with your OFS, try visiting them in the Philippines.  It’s amazing.


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