Man…I don’t think I’ve ever seen a beating like this one. It’s only halftime at the Orange bowl between #1 USC and #2 Oklahoma and it’s already 38-10 USC. It’s been ridiculous already. 3 turnovers for Oklahoma and Matt Leinert is throwing touchdown passes all over the place. He has some amazing receivers.

What I don’t like is Oklahoma. Last year, they got beaten badly in their conference championship, still got into the BCS championship game, and then got pounded by LSU. Then, this year, the idiot voters come out and vote them in at #2, which seemed justified when they went 11-0 throughout the year. However, they’re getting the crap kicked out of them again.

I’m sick of voters thinking that the only colleges who can play football are in the middle of the country and in stinking florida. You hear it all the time on TV, these stupid commentators bashing on anyone who isn’t in a BCS conference and on anyone who isn’t from Nebraska, Oklahoma, Ohio, Texas, or Florida.

This year there were 2 teams that have disappointed their little fraternity (USC and Utah). Hopefully this will continue in the future.