This past week has been a really fun one with austin. He’s walking now, not completely, but he’s definitely walking. I’d say that he walks half the time and crawls half the time. He’s also learned a whole bunch of stuff this week. He’s been playing peek-a-boo with us. He will pull a blanket or towel or whatever over his head and then pull it down and wait for us to say peek-a-boo and then he puts it back over his head again. It’s so fun. He also learned to put his hands over his head when someone says “touchdown!”. That’s really fun too. he has also been copying noises we make. He says mamamama and dadadada when he wants one of us. He doesn’t fully understand it but he knows which is which. Another thing that’s really fun with him is that he get sooooo excited when I come home from work. When I walk in he gets real excited, smiles, and sprints to the door for me to pick him up. That rules.

I’ve fallen more in love with kim recently too. She’s so good to me. I love being around her and spending time with her. She does such a good job with austin, taking care of him and me.