Of the 100,000 people who get this newsletter, I’d say 95% of them are experienced business owners.

But the 5%…

“John, I’m just starting out my business. Can I have an OFS build it for me?”

My answer to this is, “Yes BUT…”

– You have to ensure you understand your business and know how to build it yourself, even without an OFS.
– You need to train or, at the very least, onboard your OFS, so you know and have control over what’s happening.
– You have to know what your OFS will be doing in your business. Don’t expect them just to figure things out. That’s your job.

OFS aren’t magical humans. (<– you’d be surprised how many people think they are…)
They won’t build your business for you without your full direction and attention.

That’s why I appreciate when people tell me,

“John, I’m not hiring an OFS right now because I want to set up my business right. I want to get things running first. But I will hire an OFS soon to help me implement things.”

But for the 95%…
Those who have a business
Those who know what they’re doing
Those who have revenue coming in

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