Man,,,this is sooo exciting for me.

Yesterday a program that I’ve been using called Traffic Equalizer to create keyword rich content pages, was giving me fits. I emailed the dude who wrote the program and he gave me access to the private members forum. It’s amazing what these people have come up with.

Here’s one of them:

Create a blog at
Create a My account (lots of people already have them)
On your My page, add the rss feed from your blogger blog.
Post stuff to your blogger blog.
Ping yahoo saying that your blog has been updated.

Here’s what it accomplishes. They have found that google tends to index blogger blogs very often because google owns blogger. They also found that yahoo tends to index rss feeds they find out about because it’s fresh new content. The net result is that you get both google and yahoo to index your site a lot faster than you would have otherwise been able to. The whole process is really amazing. You can find out more at