My daughter usually plugs her AirPods in the kitchen so she doesn’t forget them in the morning when she leaves for school.

This morning: “Where are my AirPods?”

I didn’t take them, but I was glad they weren’t where she expected them.
I hate those things.  Hate that they’re in her ears all the time.
And…she’s not even bad with them. She’s pretty respectful and good about taking them out when she’s around people.
We live in a different world…

Speaking of different worlds, it’s amazing how Christmas gifts have changed.

When people ask me what they can send their OFS as a Christmas or birthday gift, I always say cash.

It’s easy. It’s convenient. I know it’s something your OFS will appreciate.

I also know that giving cash feels impersonal. Personal gifts have more meaning. If shipping things to the Philippines were easy, this wouldn’t be a problem.

You can also use or to buy them things…but at this point it may be too late for Christmas.

So, what can you do? Is there another way?

If you know your OFS enough (you know their likes and interests), you can give them digital gifts instead.

Is your OFS a gamer? You can give them gift cards from Epic or Steam.

If your OFS is a booklover, ask what book they have on their Amazon wishlist and get them a digital copy.

Or if they have a favorite artist, why not give them a copy of the album through iTunes?

If you don’t know their taste in music, but you know they love music, a 1-year Spotify subscription might make more sense.

So if you want to give your OFS something for the holidays, take the time to know what they like. This makes your gift personal and memorable.

By the way…NONE of this is required or expected.

I just keep getting questions about it…


PS. Now’s not a great time to hire someone. Wait until the first of January to post your job.

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