This week was a good one. I’d like to write entries more often in my blog
but I just forget most of the time. Sundays are a good reminder for
me…especially since I can write an email on my palm and post it to my
blog so easily.

Anyway, my mom was here this week. It was good to see her and for her to
see Austin again. It’s been a long time since she’s seen him and I know
she enjoyed it. We’ like to see my family more often but being that the’re
so far away, it’s just not that possible right now.

She bought Austin a bunch of toys which he loves (bowling set, puzzles,
legos) so that’s fun.

work is going well for me right now. we made a lot of progress with the
site generating software I’ve written this week. we’re currently doing
final testing before we let any clients use it. It’s good because we’ve
had a lot of interest in the software and the things it can do. I’~l add a
full list at some later time.