I’ll admit, I’ve only slightly used adwords. All of my adwords campaigns are run and managed by someone else who has gotten pretty good at it.

However, someone else I know who is running multiple adwords campaigns emailed me yesterday with the following:

Google is messing with me again. Only one week after they finally got my content impressions going again (they said they had to review my ad again to be sure it was all OK, and it took them 3 weeks) [[Google had previously disabled his content impressions for like 3 weeks for no apparent reason]], they have suspended it, saying that something was wrong with the ad. They claim that it is gramatically incorrect to write “Solteros(as)” but they had just approved it a week earlier and you see things written in Spanish like that all the time. So I changed the ad to what they recommended, just to get things going, but now it has been four more days and nothing has happened. So I am off-line currently with [[An affiliate program]], after making $30 to $40 per day profit for over a week.

I have even wondered if some Google employee notices that a certain ad is getting tons of impressions (almost a million per day) and plenty of clicks (4,000 per day) at a penny per click, and decides to disable it and steal it for himself, at least for a few weeks. Am I way out there, or is this conceivable? Why else would it be approved and then a week or so later suddently disapproved, without me making any changes to the ad? I have sent Google two e-mails asking why they have done this and trying nicely to explain my position, but all I have gotten back in reply were form responses that didn’t answer my questions, saying that my ad is in the queue and will be reviewed “in due time.” They are now officially slower than Yahoo in getting things approved and running.

(emphasis and bracket comments added)

You know it’s a bad day when someone finds it easier or faster to use yahoo search marketing than it is to use adwords.

Downhill, downhill, downhill…